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Pee Dee Chapter

Message from Luke Arthur, Pee Dee Chapter President If you live in or around Hartsville, certainly you are aware of the need in our community for space, educational assistance, social development and community up-lifting that completing this project will bring. If you live away, you are keenly aware of the historical importance of preserving the legacy of our dear institution. We need your assistance in reaching our goal of the second phase of this project. It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. You have received much from Butler. It is now time to return some of what we received to restore the landmark of our of beloved institution. Thank you, Luke Arthur, Class of '60

Pee Dee & Tri-State Chapters

Tri-State Chapter

Message from Bobby Josey, Tri-State Chapter President The Tri-State Chapter consist of the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Bobby Josey is in the process of rebuilding memberships and activities in the Tri-State area. If you are a Butler Heritage Alumni, Friend or Supporter and wish to become involved, please E-mail Mr. Josey at josey1442@aol.com, or you may send your information via the Butler Heritage Foundation Membership form available on this website and information will be forwarded to the Tri- State Chapter. Thank you in advance for helping to keep our Butler Legacy alive.
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